Terms and conditions

1. The extent and validity of the terms

1.1 The terms apply between the person (hereafter Customer) and the e-store prokaamera.ee (hereafter Store) owner GPS EESTI Ltd. (hereafter Merchant) for the legal relationship that arises from buying products via Store.
1.2. In addition to these terms, the legal relationship that arises from buying products via Store is regulated by the valid legislations of The Republic of Estonia


2. Products

2.1. Product prices are in Euros and include VAT 20%.
2.2. Product prices and availability can change without notice.
2.3. Product pictures in the Store are for illustrational purposes only and may differ from actual product.
2.4. Product descriptions might not be exhaustive and may include mistakes.
2.5. Discount code discounts do not apply for products that already have a discount price.


3. Payment for the products

3.1. An advance payment invoice with a bank link will be sent via e-mail to the customer as a confirmation of the order. The customer is obligated to verify that the data on the advance payment invoice meets the order. The order will be processed after the total sum shown on the advance payment invoice is received on the Merchants bank account


4. Delivery of products

4.1. Delivery options and prices can be found here: Delivery options
4.2. The Customer is obligated to verify the accuracy of the submitted contact info to avoid delays and misunderstandings during delivery. The merchant is not responsible for the delays and misunderstandings during the delivery in case the delay or misunderstanding is caused by inaccurate or incorrect data provided by the Customer while placing the order.


5. Warranty

5.1. The terms of warranty of the Merchant can be found here


6. Liability and force majeure

6.1. The Merchant and the Customer are liable before each other in case the current terms are violated. The damage caused to the other party will be compensated on the occasions and to the extent as stated by the valid legislations of the Republic of Estonia.
6.2. The Merchant is not liable for the damages or the delay of delivery in case the damage or delay of delivery is caused by circumstances the Merchant could not affect, could not foresee or are impossible to foresee (force majeure). The liability of the Merchant ends on the moment when the goods are handed over to the customer or the transport company.


7. Other terms

7.1. All information acquired while visiting and shopping in the store will be handled as confidential information. The Merchant will not expose the information to third parties.
7.2. The disputes arosed between the Customer and the Merchant in connection with ordering and purchasing goods via the Store will be solved by negotiations. In case an agreement is not achieved, the Customer has the right to turn to the Estonian Consumer Protection Board or Harju County Court to protect the Customers rights. Disputes and questions that are not specified in these terms will be solved according to the valid legislations of the Republic of Estonia.


8. Returning the products

8.1. If the Customer receives the product and discovers that the product is unsatisfactory or not suitable, the Customer has the right of withdrawal within 14 days after receiving the product. (Attention! 14 day right of withdrawal does not apply to the products that the Customer has picked up from prokaamera.ee store/office and for the products bought with an installment plan, which are handed over in prokaamera.ee store after forming an installment plan contract.) The product that is returned must be in the original package, with labels and unused. In case the returned product is used or the package is damaged, the Customer must compensate the reduction of value of the product. In case the product is significantly damaged, GPS Eesti Ltd. has the right to refuse the returned product.


9. Campaigns

9.1. The campaign is organized and conducted by GPS Eesti Ltd.
9.2. The rules of conducting the campaign are set by the organizer of the campaign in these terms. All decisions about the campaign by the organizer are final.
9.3. The campaign offers apply to GPS Eesti Ltd. customers when purchasing the product on the website with advertised prices. (Campaigns do not apply to business customers and separately formed quotes)
9.4. The organizer of the campaign has the right to change or renew the rules and terms of the campaign unilaterally
9.5. All questions that are not regulated by these terms will be will be solved according to the valid legislations of the Republic of Estonia.
9.6. For additional information, please contact GPS Eesti Ltd. via e-mail: info@prokaamera.ee
9.7. All complaints about the campaign must be submitted to the organizer in writing (Regati pst.1) or by e-mail ( info@prokaamera.ee ). The organizer will solve the received complaints within seven business days from receiving the complaints.